As you may know there is no white gold in nature;  pure gold is yellow, what we call 24 karats gold. In order to make white gold bright and white looking an alloy is used which includes at least one white metal usually nickel.

 About 15 percent of the population is allergic to nickel, some highly allergic.

The most common reaction is a painful rash around the area where the nickel gets in contact with your skin, known as contact dermatitis.

 Often, white gold is then plated with rhodium as a layer to protect from the nickel exposure. But the rhodium will wear off, so you will have to have it replated. I find that if I don't replate it once a year I will get those painful red blistery rashes, so for me, it was not worth it. 

As the jewelry industry evolves, new alloys are being used without nickel. These new gold alloys use  palladium instead of nickel. 

The palladium white gold alloy not only prevents nickel allergies but also produces a metal which has superior whiteness that needs no rhodium plating so all in all a winner. The only cons is at the moment it is harder to find, traditional suppliers don't even carry palladium white gold,  and more expensive.

The only white gold you will find at Aloha Jewels is palladium white gold, 100% nickel free.

If you would like to purchase any of the listings  but you would prefer it in white gold please message me.